What is kidsmile?

Kidsmile is an application for parents to guide them through the process of their child’s motor and verbal development from birth to the age of 4. 

For family doctors it is a tool which helps to reduce the need for referrals and to receive an overview of the child’s progress.

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Kidsmile contains checklists of developmental milestones, based on the WHO Child Growth Standards and the Estonian guidelines for monitoring child health, taking into account that there is a time range for obtaining skills.


Kidsmile gives parents a possibility to insert and track the child's weight, height and head circumference that will compare the parameters
to the normatives, which will help family doctors monitor child's development.

evidence based

Kidsmile is a useful tool for family doctors as they can provide parents with reliable evidence-based information. They do not need to use leaflets or their limited therapy fund and the information provided is unified.

future thinking

Kidsmile could be one of the first apps to integrate with Estonian eHealth systems and introduce OpenEHR standards.
This meaning that it will be built in a way
that allows easy integration in
different systems.

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Paulin Jürjens

Paulin Jürjens


I’m a paediatric physiotherapist with 8 years of experience. I’m the visionary for Kidsmile, also responsible for external relationships and content creation.

Anneli Lebert

Anneli Lebert


I'm a physiotherapist with experience in leading a department. I like to run, especially towards goals. My task is to keep Kidsmile's development running.


Jorge Rodríguez


I’m a physiotherapist with 12 years of experience, who has managed social media and digital marketing in the healthcare sector during 5 years. I am a strategic thinker and fond of visuals.


Johannes Horm

Lead Developer

I’m a full-stack developer with 4 years of experience. I’ve been a part of building and managing teams for development projects. My speciality is to build tailored software solutions.


Paule Hermet


I am working in a biotechnology company as a sales assistant - a job that combines communication and finances. That's also my mission in Kidsmile - to offer you the best experience getting to know our app.

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